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See when they're on a call, away from their phone, don't have reception, or their battery has died. Get notified when they're back.

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Reachability Status

Just like you check the weather before you step out the door, use Prevoo's Reachability Status to know whether someone is around their phone and likely to respond—before you call or text them. Conscientious types who hate the idea of disturbing someone at the wrong moment, people who hate leaving and checking voicemail, and busy-bees who like being smarter about their time—this app is here to make your life easier.

Want to get in touch right away? You can start a call or chat from within the app using your favorite messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber. The messaging apps you have in common with each contact appear as you tap on their name.

  • Around

    They are currently using their phone or were recently around it. Chances are you'll reach them.

  • Away

    They're not actively using their phone or have stepped away. Get notified when they're back.

  • Low Battery

    If you see this symbol appear by their name, you'll know that they have less than 20% battery life left.

  • On a Call

    No need to keep calling or leave a voicemail. You can set up an alert to know when they're done.

  • Unreachable

    Their phone is turned off, or has no cellular or wireless signal. Get notified when they are back.

  • No Battery

    Their battery is dead. You can still view their last known location, if they shared it with you.

Prevoo is phone-centric, not app-centric - so you'll know how reachable they are even when they're not actively using the app in the foreground. If they aren't around, you can be notified when they are back.

Best of all, everything is updated automatically so you (literally) never have to lift a finger.

Location + ETA

Location gives your status more context, and can be turned on and off for each of your contacts. When on, it automatically includes an estimated time of arrival, passively updating others on how far away you are. Safer for you, more peace of mind for them.

Prevoo In Action

See when someone's on another call.

Say hello at the perfect moment.

Avoid calling at a bad time.

Know when someone's battery died.

Get smarter about time zones.

See how far away they are.

Let them focus on the road.

Get your message read quickly.

Chat in real time, wherever they are.


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  • Invited Contacts

    You're only connected with the people you invite, or from whom you accept an invitation.

  • Hide Location

    Location sharing can be turned on and off with one tap. When turned off, your city appears as 'Location Private'.

  • Hide Status

    Coming soon. For moments when you want to be off the grid, hide your status. When hidden, your status appears as 'Unreachable'.


We're communication-obsessed geeks with globally dispersed, close-knit families and friends. Prevoo grew from an idea of occassionally wanting reassurance into an app that has become an everyday essential for every member of our team.

We're working hard to make Prevoo a useful addition to your life, too. Send us a note to share feedback, chat about business partnerships, or talk about life in general. We’d love to hear from you.

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