Family fun on vacation

Technology and summer vacation don’t always go hand in hand (see: sending work emails from the beach). But technology can also make your next family holiday less stressful and more fun. Ditch the work laptop and add these vacation apps to your smartphone before hitting the road this summer. Apps for Trip Planning TripIt: If […]

Child using smartphone

We can already hear some of you saying, “21!” While it’s easy to declare your child technology free until college, that’s not only impossible—it’s undesirable. Children should be able to use technology in a world that will require them to be tech savvy. Plus, many parents want the peace of mind that comes with knowing […]

Hide or share your location

Want an app that shows your location to everyone, whether you want to or not? Didn’t think so. With Prevoo, you have total control over who sees your location. Share your location with all your contacts. Hide your location from all your contacts. Or share your location with some contacts, while hiding it from others. […]

The Prevoo team after a live demo at the DC Tech Meetup.

The Washington Business Journal recently named Prevoo “Startup of the Week”! Staff reporter Andy Medici spoke with our founder, Taymoor Arshi, about his background and plans for the company. You can read Andy’s full article here.

Summer R&R

Memorial Day weekend is coming up and the Prevoo team is just as excited as everyone else! Think apps don’t mix with fun in the sun? Think again. Here are 3 ways using the Prevoo app will help you get more R&R this long weekend: 1. Status: Everyone (including you!) has a lot going on, […]

Childcare. Work. Relationships. Finances. Housework. Groceries. And the list goes on. The number of stressors on parents these days is enormous. One survey found that 88% of working parents suffer stress-related health problems. Another survey found that one in four working mothers cry every week from the stress of juggling everything. The right app isn’t […]

Arti and Gautam with their moms

Our final installment in “Tales from the Team” comes from our CMO and co-founder, Arti. The photo above shows Arti and her husband with their mothers. Her dad and grandmother are featured in the photos below. And yes, they all use Prevoo 🙂 I lead marketing at Prevoo and a lot of my work involves […]

Amy & Adam 1

Today we continue to highlight how the Prevoo team uses the app with loved ones. This third story comes from Amy, our resident Word Nerd (a.k.a. VP Communications). My brother and I have always been close. Adam is two and a half years younger than me, and he’s the only sibling I have. I’m sometimes asked if […]

Man looking at Prevoo status

This week we continue our four-part series on how we—the Prevoo team!—uses Prevoo. Our second story comes from Kizita, our Visual Specialist. Thanks Kizita for happily allowing us to share your hospital photo! Last year I faced several challenges that taught me not to take anything in life for granted. I rang in 2015 in a hospital bed learning how […]

Unreachable in flight

This week we begin a four-part series that examines how the Prevoo team uses the app. Each of the four posts will focus on the story of one team member. Our kickoff post was written by our founder, Taymoor. Oh, what a relief it is! And I’m not talking about Alka Seltzer for an upset stomach. I’m talking […]