Disappearing texter

Message Over Medium: Make Mobile Conversations More Like Real Life

By on December 21, 2015

Imagine what your text conversations would look like if they happened in real life:

Disappearing texter

You’re talking to someone who abruptly disappears—like the texter who suddenly goes silent.


Different room texter

You’re trying to speak with someone in a different room—like the friend using a different messaging app.


Unconscious texter

You’re frantically attempting to talk to someone lying unconscious—like the person whose battery died.

































Mo Messaging, Mo Problems

We’re spending more and more time conversing through our phones, yet our conversations hardly mimic the seamlessness of face-to-face chats. If anything, the situation has become more complex with the exploding number of messaging and social media apps.

Think about it:

  • How many apps do you have that allow you to communicate one-on-one with others? (Think Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber.)
  • How many of your contacts use every one of those apps?
  • For all the apps on our phone, how often do you still struggle to reach someone when you really need to?

Chances are, despite the multitude of ways you have to reach someone, reachability itself is still an issue.

When the Medium is the Message

Worldwide, 75 percent of smartphone users will use a mobile messaging app at least once in 2015, according to market research firm eMarketer. The Pew Research Center found that text messaging is the most widely used feature amongst U.S. smartphone users: 97 percent of survey respondents sent at least one text over a one-week period.

Between text messaging and messaging apps, we’re having a lot of conversations on our phones. And those conversations are usually spread over multiple platforms—most of us don’t choose only SMS or one messaging app and use it exclusively.

There’s Facebook Messenger for your dad, who insisted on “friending” you.

There’s Whatsapp for the German friends you made while backpacking in Europe.

Then there’s Snapchat—so your teenage niece thinks of you as the “cool one”.

Let’s not overlook Viber, Kik, BBM, and Tango… or the direct messaging capabilities of Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest… or video-based services like Skype and FaceTime.

You get the—ahem—message.

The mounting number of messaging platforms means that messaging has become more about selecting the “right” medium and less about whether you can quickly reach someone through that medium.

What if there was a way to send a message when someone is most likely to see it, regardless of the medium?

With Prevoo You Can Preview Reachability

Prevoo makes your mobile conversations more like face-to-face ones. Before messaging or calling someone, you can check their Reachability Status on Prevoo.

In person, you’d only ask someone a question if they’re standing in front of you. Check Prevoo, see they’re around, and shoot them a note.

In real life, you’d never interrupt someone already having a conversation. Check Prevoo, see they’re on a call, and call at a better time.

Message IconsAnd hopefully you wouldn’t keep talking at someone lying unconscious on the floor!

When you see it’s the right time to reach someone, you can call or message them from within the app. Prevoo will only show you the messaging apps you have in common with that person, so you can select the one that works best (like FB Messenger for Dad and WhatsApp for your German friends).

Prevoo lets you make it more about the message and less about the medium.

A Sneak Preview of Prevoo

When does Prevoo come in handy? Our team has been busily brainstorming scenarios. Here are just a few:

Say ‘hello’ at the perfect moment…

Long Distance


Avoid calling at a bad time…

New Mother


Chat in real time, wherever they are…

International Family

Ready to give Prevoo a try? Prevoo is now available globally on iOS and Android. Search for “Prevoo” in the App Store or on Google Play. You can also text yourself a link from PrevooApp.com.

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