Answering the Burning Question:
Why Haven’t They Texted Back?

By on August 7, 2015

We’ve all been there. You send someone a text—a friend, significant other, or child—and expect a quick reply. Why wouldn’t we? We’re all constantly looking at our phones these days, right? Right??


The immediate reply you expected doesn’t come and, depending on whom you texted, you might be left wondering:

Are they ignoring me?
Are they losing interest?
Are they stranded and need help?

Texting and waiting for reply

Whether you have these thoughts for one second or one day, they erode peace of mind. With each new form of communication that pops up—email, text, chat—come new anxieties around how long people should take to respond.

And we’re becoming less forgiving. One study found that we expect romantic partners to text back within five minutes, even when they’re at work! We’re more charitable with friends and family, who can take a whole hour to reply without rankling our ire, at least when they’re working (during non-work hours, they move back to the same five minutes).

How far are we from expecting a reply within five seconds?

Serenity Now: Prevoo Helps with Peace of Mind

The response time study makes one thing clear: We have the highest expectations of those who are closest to us. Romantic partners, family members, and friends are seemingly on call 24/7. These are likely to be people you connect with on Prevoo.

So how does Prevoo give peace of mind? Consider this “before and after” scenario:

Before Prevoo:

  1. Text your main squeeze.
  2. Hear crickets.
  3. Get annoyed about being ignored.

After Prevoo:

  1. Check Prevoo.
  2. See your main squeeze is Away, On a Call, Unreachable, or has No Battery (wow, there are lots of reasons he’s not texting back right away!).
  3. Ask Prevoo to notify you when he’s Around.
  4. Send your text.

There you have it—peace of mind!

Every App Has Two Sides

What happens when you check Prevoo, see they’re around their phone, text them, and then…

More crickets?

Our answer: Nothing. You don’t freak out. You don’t berate them for not texting back. There are lots of reasons why someone doesn’t reply even when they’re on their phone. Maybe they’re checking it for a quick second (in which case, you’ll see Prevoo soon return to the Away state). Maybe they’re using it for work and don’t have time for personal texts. If their slow replies continue to bother you, do the old-fashioned thing and talk to them about it!

Prevoo isn’t a monitoring device. Like any app—or anything in life—it works best when used responsibly. It’s a lot like status or read receipts you already use in other desktop and mobile messaging apps.

Prevoo gives you peace of mind when you need it. Want to know if someone will see your text right away? Check Prevoo before hitting send. Want to avoid awkward voicemails and phone tag? Check Prevoo before calling. Want to know why someone hasn’t replied to your text?

You guessed it. Check Prevoo.

We can’t tell when someone’s giving you the cold shoulder, but we can reassure you when there’s a logical explanation for why they haven’t texted back—like when they’ve been away from their phone for a long time or when their battery has died.

So sometimes, you will have an answer to that burning question: Why haven’t they texted back?

Want to see Prevoo in action? Check out our demo video!

Finally, here’s Aziz Ansari with his thoughts on the waiting game…

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