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Your closest friends and family at your fingerpints. See when they're on a call, away from their phone, don't have reception, or their battery has died. Set up automatic notifications to know when they are using their phone, so you can call or text at the right time and have conversations in real time. Say bye-bye to voicemail and endless phone/text tag!

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Prevoo's reachability status updates automatically based on how someone is using their phone as a whole, not any one specific app. Start a call or message from within Prevoo using your favorite apps including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber. You can also get quick access to location and ETA (when shared) making meet ups easier and allowing you to give and get safety reassurance from afar.

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Founders Taymoor Arshi (LinkedIn) and Arti Anand (LinkedIn)
Release Date Public Beta now available for iOS and Android
Download Links Apple App Store | Google Play Store
Platforms Supported iOS 7+ and Android 4.4+
Price FREE!
Press Contact [email protected]
Twitter Handle @PrevooApp
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Know when someone's on another call.
Say hello at the perfect moment.
Avoid calling at a bad time.
See when someone's battery died.
Get smarter about time zones.
Chat in real time, wherever they are.

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Use This App Before You Text or Call
Make Mobile Conversations Like Real Life